Crown Dental Perth is an established dental practice with a proud history caring for the complete dental needs of Perth residents for over 45 years. We are located in the heart of Perth and operate weekdays 8am to 5pm, with out of hours appointments available upon request. We take a caring, gentle approach, treating all our patients with the utmost courtesy and respect. We understand that many people find visiting the Dentist unpleasant so go the extra mile to ensure every patient feels comfortable and pain-free during every treatment.

At Crown Dental Perth, we provide general and emergency dental care as well as a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental services. We offer honest, expert advice on the most conservative, yet effective treatment options to maintain a healthy, beautiful and natural looking smile. We believe everyone deserves the confidence that comes with having a fabulous smile so endeavour to keep our rates as reasonable as possible. We are a preferred provider for HBF and HCF but also accept claims for all other major private health funds.

Crown Dental Perth is headed up by Dr Magdalene Ting who has considerable experience working across all areas of general, emergency and cosmetic dentistry. Dr Ting is supported by Joanne, our dedicated Dental Assistant who is proud to have been part of our practice for over 12 years.

Specialising in preventative care and education, restorative treatments, cosmetic dentistry and dentures through to complete smile restorations, Crown Dental Perth welcomes new patients of all ages and can take care of all your dental needs.

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Our Services

Preventative Care and Dental Check-Ups

Receiving regular dental check-ups is one of the best things you can do for the long-term health of your teeth and gums. These check-ups are vital to good oral hygiene and enable any problems to be detected early. Treating any issues discovered during regular check-ups at their earliest stages prevents them from deteriorating further and can save considerable time, discomfort and money in the future.

The Australian Dental Association recommends check-ups twice yearly however oral hygiene needs change with age and the condition of your own teeth and gums. At Crown Dental Perth, we provide an honest assessment of each patient’s teeth and recommend check-up schedules tailored to their needs. We treat infants and children through to adults and seniors, recommending check-up schedules which may be more or less frequent than twice a year, depending on each individual patient.

Emergency and General Dental Care

Whether relating to tooth aches, dental trauma, broken implants or dentures, fillings, root canals or wisdom teeth removal, Crown Dental Perth offers complete dental care for the whole family. Centrally located in the heart of Perth, we care for patients right across the inner suburbs and will always try to accommodate dental emergencies as much as possible. We’re proud of the long-standing relationships we’ve built with our regular patients and are always happy to welcome new patients into our practice. We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm but can also accommodate after hours appointments upon request. For all your general and cosmetic dental needs, contact Crown Dental Perth.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings and Cosmetic Bonding

A dental filling replaces part of the tooth’s structure which has been removed as a result of decay. Traditionally, dental fillings were made from silver amalgam, a mix of metals including silver, mercury and zinc, and were very visible in contrast with surrounding teeth. Today, silver amalgam fillings have largely been replaced with composite fillings which are comprised primarily of porcelain and resin. These fillings offer exceptional durability as well as customisable colours which enables them to seamlessly blend in with natural teeth.

Tooth bonding is also performed using similar materials to that of tooth-coloured fillings. It is less expensive than many other cosmetic dental treatments and can be used to correct dental imperfections or damage including cracks, uneven teeth, teeth that appear too small and tooth gaps. Bonding can usually be completed in one treatment and can result in a significant and relatively cost-effective improvement to the appearance of teeth.

At Crown Dental Perth, we have considerable experience performing all manner of cosmetic bonding treatments and can recommend competitively priced options to deliver you a more confident smile.

Porcelain Crowns

A dental crown is used to strengthen a tooth that has suffered a significant amount of damage from decay or trauma. It is a cap that is created to fit snugly upon the tooth and is a great solution for when there is not enough of the natural tooth left to simply perform a filling or bond. Crowns are now commonly used to enable patients to retain natural teeth that, in days gone by, would have been removed, requiring replacement with a plate or denture.

Crowns are predominantly made from porcelain, however gold and zirconia crowns can also be used, when appropriate. At Crown Dental Perth, we can provide a thorough assessment of your teeth, carefully matching the crown to the colour of your adjacent, natural teeth. Following treatment completion, your crowns will blend seamlessly into your smile and be indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain bridges comprise two or more crowns which are fused together as a single-piece prosthesis. They are used to replace multiple, partially or entirely missing teeth and are very effective in restoring a patient’s natural chewing and oral functions. Traditional bridges ‘float’ where missing teeth once were, supported on either side by remaining natural teeth that have been fitted with specialised crowns. Bridges can also be affixed to dental implants which removes the strain on natural teeth and provides even greater strength, stability and durability. For patients requiring dental implants, we coordinate and work with our own trusted network of highly experienced dental surgeons to perform the implant stage, then complete the bridgework stage at our practice.

With considerable experience creating all manner of both floating and implant-supported bridges, at Crown Dental Perth, we can carefully assess the suitability of your teeth for this treatment. We provide honest, expert advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for each individual patient’s needs. Contact us to book your appointment.

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

Porcelain inlays and onlays, also known as indirect fillings, are customised, pre-formed fillings made from tooth-coloured composite material. Whether an inlay or an onlay is used depends upon the amount of tooth structure that has been lost due to a cavity or trauma. An inlay fits within the grooves of the teeth between its cusps, or top outer surfaces, whilst an onlay generally replaces the cusps of the tooth as well. Inlays and onlays are generally used when not enough of the natural tooth structure remains to perform a traditional filling but the damage is not severe enough to warrant creating a crown or a bridge. Both of these restorations are bonded in place, fitting naturally and snugly within the tooth.

At Crown Dental Perth, we carefully match the colour of porcelain inlays and onlays to each patient’s natural teeth, ensuring they are virtually undetectable. We also pride ourselves on providing expert advice on the most suitable and cost-effective treatment options for each individual’s needs. For an honest opinion on which treatment will deliver the best results for you, contact Crown Dental Perth today.

Porcelain Veneers

As we age, even once perfect teeth can begin to deteriorate in appearance. Cracks, wearing down and discolouration can all negatively affect the appearance of teeth and leave a person feeling underconfident about their smile. Porcelain veneers are an excellent treatment option for patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their smile, either due to natural wear and tear or long-standing imperfections. These thin, porcelain shells are affixed to the front of natural teeth, instantly correcting discolouration and chipped or misshapen teeth.

Porcelain is a highly durable, translucent material that mimics the look of natural tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers are customisable, ensuring their colour can be closely matched with surrounding teeth, resulting in an even, natural looking smile. The Crown Dental Perth team has considerable experience crafting the perfect porcelain veneers for patients across a broad range of age groups. Regardless of what stage of life you’re at, we believe everyone deserves to feel confident about their smile. Contact us to find out more about whether porcelain veneers could help improve the appearance of your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can lose their whiteness due to illness, what we eat and drink or simply as we age. Discoloured teeth can look unsightly and cause even people with perfectly shaped teeth to feel underconfident about their smile. There are many ‘over the counter’ whitening treatments available however most of these lack the strength to make a real difference. Conversely, whilst salon treatments promising instant results can be effective in some cases, they can also result in gum damage and ongoing, painful teeth sensitivity.

At Crown Dental Perth, our teeth whitening treatment involves creating a custom-made tray that fits perfectly around your teeth. We then provide a proven, yet gentle professional whitening gel which is applied to the mould and placed on your teeth at home. The whitening gel, which is only available through Dentists, is held in place by your custom mould, preventing it from seeping onto gums and throughout the rest of your mouth. Multiple, successive treatments can be performed at home until the desired level of whiteness is achieved. After this, one or two maintenance treatments are usually only required a couple of times per year which can also be performed at home.

Tooth whitening can significantly enhance the brightness of your natural teeth and therefore greatly improve the appearance of your smile. Most people are great candidates for this treatment and will notice a substantial change to the colour of their teeth. Contact Crown Dental Perth to find out more about our affordable teeth whitening services.


Dentures are single-piece prostheses that restore a patient’s full upper or lower arch of teeth following tooth loss or removal. Dentures not only restore the look of your smile, they also restore complete chewing, speaking and oral function. Traditional dentures are moulded to the gums and sit in place of missing teeth, being easily removable for cleaning, sleeping or as required. Implant-supported dentures feature special attachments which enable them to clip into dental implants. Some patients find implant-supported dentures offer greater strength and stability as well as enhanced oral function when compared with traditional dentures.

Crown Dental Perth specialises in both traditional and implant-supported dentures, using the highest quality materials to craft the perfect dentures for each patient. We carefully assess your facial features to ensure the size, shape and colour of your dentures enables you to eat, speak and smile with comfort and confidence. We can also take care of all manner of denture repairs.

Occlusal Splints/Night Guards

Teeth clenching, or grinding, can occur during waking hours but more commonly occurs at night, during sleep. If you often wake up with jaw pain, earaches or headaches, you may be grinding your teeth overnight without knowing it. Teeth grinding is a relatively common condition known as ‘bruxism’ and, left untreated, can result in broken or cracked teeth, or even complete tooth loss.

Thankfully, bruxism is easily and non-invasively treated through the use of nightguards. A nightguard is a custom-made, moulded tray that fits snugly over the top arch of the teeth,  preventing them from coming into contact with the lower teeth. This relatively inexpensive treatment can save patients suffering with bruxism from considerable pain and discomfort as well as preventing ongoing, and potentially costly, damage to their teeth. If you suspect you may be suffering from bruxism, contact Crown Dental Perth for an honest, professional assessment and cost-effective treatment.

Full Mouth Reconstructions and Smile Makeovers

A discoloured, incomplete or misshapen smile can significantly affect a person’s confidence and overall quality of life. A less than perfect smile can occur as a result of trauma, excessive decay or simply genetics. Many people put up with their issues, believing the work required to make a difference would be invasive, painful or financially beyond them. At Crown Dental Perth, we are experienced in all manner of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, allowing us to carefully assess each patient’s teeth and recommend the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions for their needs.

We pride ourselves on offering professional, honest advice about what can be achieved as well as taking the time to explain the differences and benefits of various treatment options. From select treatments such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers through to dental implants and complete smile reconstructions, we are passionate about enabling every patient to achieve the smile they desire. We take into account each patient’s individual needs, schedule and budget, tailoring the most conservative, yet effective, treatment programme for them. If you’ve always longed for the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile, contact us to find out more.

about us

Established in 1973, Crown Dental Perth provides a comprehensive range of dental services to people of all ages in a caring, friendly and professional environment. We are passionate about assisting each of our clients to achieve and maintain the healthiest and most beautiful smile they can. We offer honest, expert advice on preventative care, reparative work, reconstruction options and cosmetic dentistry. We rely on the most up to date techniques and ensure our services are competitively priced, allowing everyone to benefit from a confident smile.

Crown Dental Perth was established by Dr Neville Bell and Dr Jan Daniels who, over their combined 45 years of practice, cared for the complete oral health of their diverse range of loyal clients. Neville retired some years ago and Jan was joined early in 2018 by Dr Magdalene Ting, who brought with her considerable experience providing general and cosmetic dentistry services across inner city, suburban and regional practices. With Jan also recently retiring, Magdalene now heads up the Crown Dental Perth team and is supported by Dental Assistant, Joanne, who has been with us for over 12 years.

At Crown Dental Perth, we are a preferred provider for HBF and HCF but also accept all major private health fund claims. We specialise in preventative care, general dentistry, crowns and veneers, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and dentures. We pride ourselves on our gentle, caring approach and ensure all our clients are kept completely comfortable throughout every treatment.

Treating children, teens and young adults through to seniors, we rely on the latest techniques, including digital x-rays, and take a holistic view of oral care, ensuring any underlying problems can be identified and addressed as early as possible.

For personalised family and general dental care, expert advice and competitively priced cosmetic dentistry, contact Crown Dental Perth today.

Dr Magdalene Ting

Crown Dental Perth is led by Dr Magdalene Ting, a fully qualified, West Australian trained Dental Surgeon who is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (FRACDS) and a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA). After completing her graduate studies at the University of Western Australia, Dr Ting lived and worked in regional Western Australia, gaining invaluable experience in a busy local practice. After a few years in the country, Dr Ting made the decision to move back to Perth to be closer to family and has been working in private practice in the city ever since.

Dr Ting enjoys providing holistic dental care to her patients, which encompasses both preventative and restorative treatments as well as cosmetic dentistry to help patients feel better about their smile. She has a caring, empathetic approach, putting her patients at ease and managing pain and apprehension in a sensitive manner.

Dr Ting takes the utmost pride in what she does, respecting every one of her patients and ensuring the dental services she provides are of the highest quality. When not caring for her patients, she enjoys travelling, the outdoors, snorkelling, reading and continuing her education.

Working closely with Dr Ting is Joanne, our dedicated Dental Assistant who has been with the practice for over 12 years. Joanne loves getting to know our patients, many of whom she has been caring for since she first began at Crown Dental Perth. Like Dr Ting, Joanne is friendly and caring, ensuring our patients are relaxed and comfortable during every treatment.

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My husband Rodney was very happy with Magdalene Ting. She made my husband feel very comfortable. We were a bit wary at first for a change of dentist as my husband had been seeing the previous dentist Jan for so long but Magdalene proved us wrong, she was very professional & pleasant and we highly recommend Magdalene Ting to anyone looking for a good dentist.

- Victoria

The dentist Magdalene and her assistant Joanne were very particular, friendly and created a calming experience. No pain at all for needles, fillings etc. Highly recommended.

- Janice

Very friendly and wonderful after care service. I would recommend them.

- Jimmy

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